Points to note while preparing a Project Report

Project Report is the details of proposed business start up. This Project report either the business owner can prepare or can give to a Business Consultant. It is not required , the project report has to be 100% clarity. But if you are approaching a bank for loan purpose, you need to be very clear on the business and confidence on revenue generation. You need to explain the business model and revenue model. If you are approaching a business consultant, all the details should be discussed and provided to him in advance. Read the completed project report carefully and make sure that everything is intact. Because, Bank will proceed with their process and reach to a final approval based on your project report. If you are seeking investment from private investors, there also you need to submit the project report. 

What are all the points should be in the project report, and where it should be, has to be aligned properly. Like total expenses, how will be future balance sheets means, how you are going to do financial projections, what is the production process, what are all equipment required and cost for those, how much you , can Owner will invest etc. In the project cost, your margin money should be shown as deduction and the balance only should be the requested amount. 

Bank will approve only the balance amount. Once the balance amount approved by the bank, you should be ready with the margin money. 

Asper the cost schedule in the project report, bank will transfer the funds to the suppliers of equipment proportionately along with a part of your margin money. 

The machine suppliers should be decided and fixed before declaring their names in the project report. 

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