Suggestion, Guidance and Recommendations = Business Growth

My Services

1. Recruitment  & Administration

Suggesting to prepare JD for each designation required

Suggesting how to prepare Interview questionnaire  & evaluation system

Interviewing (if required) and suggesting right candidates

Reviewing current Office / Plant Administration system and suggest modifications, rectification, improvements if required.

Benefit—You can choose the right candidate cost effectively.

                 Will increase productivity with maximum time utilization. 

2.  Manpower Retention

Guiding to implement proper job onboarding system

Suggesting for Orientation process and scheduling

Conducting warm up Training programs

Suggesting for periodical department training for up gradation.

Benefits—Longer manpower retention with maximum productivity in each department.

3. Material procurement Department

Reviewing current system, suggesting for any modifications required

in call-faring quotes, quote comparison procedure, vendor registration system, quote analyzing procedure, quote evaluating system etc

Your Benefit—Establishing an auto pilot system and over all cost reduction and product price benefits.

4. Sales and Marketing

Discussing with sales team and training them on

¨ How to present product

¨ How to speak to a prospect

¨ How to find out a prospect

¨ How to generate enquiry

¨ How to follow up

¨ How to convert enquiry into order

¨ How to maintain data

¨ Order closure techniques

à Conducting weekly sales review meetings

à Conducting motivations sessions

à Suggesting them on how to achieve targets

à Monthly performance evaluation

à Market penetration recommendations

à Sales promotional and product promotional ideas

 Benefits—Sales Growth with longer manpower retention

Sales Budgeting & Pricing

Recommendation on Sales Budgeting

Product price fixing

Benefit—Can increase sales through competitive price with focus

Guidance on Exhibitions

Will provide suggestion and guidance to conduct and manage Exhibition stall cost effectively and to make use of the exhibition to grow future business.

Benefits—Can effectively make use the Exhibition opportunity for future sales. 

Languages Known

English | Hindi | Tamil | Malayalam